Alani Pi: China Doll 2 [Mp4|RealTimeBondage|HD]

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Alani Pi: China Doll 2 [Mp4|RealTimeBondage|HD]

Alani Pi's torments continue. Alani Pi told us she liked it when people called her names, like "fat pig" or "whore". For some reason we thought this meant she liked other forms of humiliation, too. For instance, when lunch time comes, this little bird is going to have to eat like one. Elise Graves will play the mama and Alani will be her good little chick. That won't be her only meal of the day, either. The second course has her sucking on dildos and getting up close and personal with some pussy. For desert she will be licking the dirt off every pair of shoes and boots the crew has available. And just like the fat pig we knew she was, she is going to gobble it all up.

Name of video scene: China Doll 2
Date of issue: 2013
Site, Studio:
Porn genres: Bondage, Humilation, Torture, BDSM
Pornstar: Alani Pi
Time: 00:52:53

Quality: HD
Format: MP4
Video Info: (H264) 1280x720 23.976fps 7467kbps
Audio Info: AAC 48000Hz stereo 109kbps
Full Size: 2.9 GB

Alani Pi: China Doll 2 [Mp4|RealTimeBondage|HD]

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