Against All Bods [1991|VHSRip]

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Against All Bods [1991|VHSRip]

Date of issue: 1991
Site, Studio: Video Exclusives
Porn genres: Feature
Pornstar: Cathy Collins, Kylie Channel, Sabrina, Stephanie Page, Viviana, Cal Jammer, Christopher James, Jake Steed, Ron Jeremy, Tom Chapman

Cal Jammer and Charley James are talking newcomer Sabrina into dancing naked for them. Well, I guess dance is an overextended word in this case, because action gets down real quick to a threesome. Vivianna and Tom Chapman (he's ragging about having to chauffeur girls around for bachelor parties or something like that) have sex while Cal's raven-haired girl, Kylie Channel, tells him she's working on a dance routine, figuring she can get in on this bachelor party gig. Actually, if you overlook the cinder block sound bites, it's an erotic scene.
Ron Jeremy gets to do it with beautiful redhead, Cathy Collins, while they talk about everybody else who's getting in on this bachelor party gig. Then Jake Steed joins in, thankfully, to end that conversation. Later, Steed does it with Shaime. We never get around to seeing the bachelor party, though.

язык: English
Time: 01:10:56
Format: AVI
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Audio Info: MPEG Audio, 2 channels, 128 kb/s , 44.1 kHz
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Against All Bods [1991|VHSRip]

Against All, Bods VHSRip