Indecent Exposure [1981|DVD]

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Indecent Exposure [1981|DVD]

Date of issue: 1981
Site, Studio: TVX / Caballero Home Video
Porn genres: Feature, Straight, Classic
Pornstar: Arcadia Lake, Cat Dalton, Tigr, Cynthia Toronto, Diane Martin, Georgina Spelvin, Jesie St. James, Lily Rodgers, Mari Munroe, Mavis Angel, Nicole Black, Renee LaPaz, Veronica Hart, Victoria Knoll, Wendy Peters, Eric Edwards, John F. Kearney, Jon Martin, Elmo Lavino, R. Bolla

This movie features some of the hottest performances in adult cinema - scenes that jumps off the scree. Leading an all-star cast - Veronica Hart becomes a swinger and her world changes overnight. Once she experiences the pleasures of lovemaking - she goes beyond all boundaries and becomes the seductress. A stellar combination of XXX superstars such as Georgina Spelvin, Jessie St. James, Arcadia Lake and more - make this one of the hottest films of it's day.

язык: English
Time: 01:29:01
Format: AVI
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Audio Info: MPEG Audio, 2 channels, 128 kb/s , 44.1 kHz
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Indecent Exposure [1981|DVD]

Indecent Exposure, DVD