India Summer: Hardcore [2008|Kink|DeviceBondage|SiteRip 540]

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India Summer: Hardcore [2008|Kink|DeviceBondage|SiteRip 540]

This woman, this India Summer, is in heat in such an achingly constant agonizing intense way that she actually manages to radiate waves of it out like some primal pheromone that makes the air kind of humid and you start to feel hazy and dull. She's rubbing her thighs together endlessly, endlessly trying to make the waiting go faster but it doesn't help it just makes it worse and you realize you've stopped whatever you were doing and now you're even a little bit freaked out too.

Name of video scene:†Hardcore
Date of issue:†2008
Site, Studio:†
Porn genres:†BDSM
Pornstar:†India Summer

Quality:†SiteRip 540
Video Info:†960x540
Audio Info:†128 kbps, 44 kHz, stereo 2-pass CBR
Full Size:†394 MB

India Summer: Hardcore [2008|Kink|DeviceBondage|SiteRip 540]

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